Madam Zhao tidy up the table,While chatting with husband。
“Aid Korea,That kid from the Lu family is so funny,See our daughter,I can’t even sit still,Killing me!”
Zhao Yuanchao reached out and sniffed the liquor bottle on the table,Re-tighten,Shook his head and smiled:“Why did you give birth to such a beautiful daughter??But a fool like Lu Youshan,What kind of son can you give birth!It’s a pity that I wasted this good bottle of wine!”
“He is so stupid,You still arrange such a good position for him?Call him the sales manager?”Mrs. Zhao asked casually。
Zhao Yuanchao sneered twice,Lightly:“You don’t understand this,I have my own measures。”
The couple are talking,Their baby daughter Zhao Lingshuang changed her clothes,Downstairs again,I happened to hear my parents talking。
“father,You were talking about things just now?Is the talk done??”Zhao Lingshuang asked lightly。
Zhao Yuanchao laughed,Tao:“There should be no problem。Lu Youshan originally signed it on the spot,Who knows when you go home,His son was shocked,Haha!”
Zhao Lingshuang blinked,She just went back to the room,Recalling the scene in the living room,I always feel a little bit wrong。
When the kid saw himself just now,The performance is too exaggerated,Is he really the kind of stupid who gets crazy when he sees a beautiful woman??
But since that guy fell to the ground,But he didn’t look at myself again,It’s this little detail,Let Zhao Lingshuang have some doubts。
“dad,You are all cheated by him!”Zhao Lingshuang blurted out and debuted。
text Chapter Fifteen Agreement