Multi-vitamin B2 makes it easy to become a muscular man

Building strong muscles is the dream of every man.

Everyone knows that long muscles of the body depend on protein, but if you supplement your protein lightly, without vitamin B2, supplementing more protein is useless.

  This is because among the many vitamins, vitamin B2 is the easiest to lack. It participates in the anabolic metabolism of body proteins, maintains the integrity of the skin and mucous membranes, and plays an important role in muscle development.

Fitness expert Zhang Jianmin pointed out that vitamin B2 mainly exists in the internal organs of animals, such as liver, kidney, heart, etc. Milk, eggs and red meat also contain vitamin B2.

However, because the animal’s internal organs contain a relatively high amount of feces, do not overeat.

Choose milk and eggs thoroughly. Ordinary trainers eat 4?
5 eggs, don’t exceed 500 ml of milk.

  Green leafy vegetables, beans, wild vegetables and nut foods (such as walnuts, chestnuts, pine nuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds, etc.) also contain vitamin B2, these foods are also a good choice for those who do not like to eat offal.