Dr. Wang hurried to the main house,Simply nodded to Ouyang Wuji,Said hello,I immediately went to Ouyang Jianfeng’s side,Simply take a look,Then ordered,Simply cleaned Ouyang Jianfeng,Then there are a bunch of tests on various instruments。

At last,Doctor Wang said to Ouyang Wuji:“Father Ouyang,Don’t worry too much,Young Master Ouyang, he just has some skin injuries,Didn’t hurt the bones,Just raise more!”
Words from Doctor Wang,It also let Ouyang Wou-ki’s hanging heart completely return to his stomach。
Ouyang Wuji ordered people to carry Ouyang Jianfeng back to the room,Then let Doctor Wang go to the room to treat Ouyang Jianfeng’s wound。
because,He has a lot to do next,He can’t accompany Ouyang Jianfeng all the time。
Just when Ouyang Wuji wanted to call Wen Tianli,Suddenly I saw a young man standing at the door!
“you,who are you?”Ouyang Wuji asked in horror。
Xiao Fan didn’t speak,Walked into the main house,Then I consciously found a sofa to sit down,Raised his wrist and glanced at his watch,Said slowly:“You still have fifteen minutes!”
One sentence,Let Ouyang Wuji know his identity immediately。
Want to come,He is the person Murong Huainan said will make his home disappear within half an hour!
Murong Huainan has always been ignored,at this time,Trembling body even more,Came to Xiao Fan’s side,Said:“Xiao,Brother Xiao,I,Can i leave now?”
Xiao Fan raised his eyes and glanced at Murong Huainan,Said coldly:“get out,Today,I don’t care about you,If there is another next time,I will let you know what life is better than death,What is pain!”
Murong Huainan was so scared that he quickly knelt on the ground,Kowtowing,Said to Xiao Fan:“I remember,I will be a good person in the future,I won’t do anything like this again!I will get out!”
“Get out!Is it possible for me to see you off??”Xiao Fan said coldly。
“I will get out,Get off now!”Once Murong Huainan finished speaking,Immediately he really rolled out the door of Ouyang’s house。
“presumptuous,Where do you treat me as Ouyang’s home,Just rely on you,Do you dare to call five and six here??”After Ouyang Xiahua got out of Murong Huainan,,Immediately shouted at Xiao Fan。
Xiao Fan raised his eyes and glanced at Ouyang Xiahua contemptuously,Then I took another look at Ouyang Wuji,Said lightly:“I thought Wen Tianli had already made things clear to you,I didn’t expect you guys to dare to challenge my temper,Tell me who is not good,Dare to move my woman,If I let you go like this,Wouldn’t our family become something anyone can bully??”
Ouyang Wuji and Ouyang Xiahua looked at each other,No one knows what to say to Xiao Fan at this moment?
Xiao Fan is right,Wen Tianli also beforehand,Really warned them,but,Who knew Ouyang Jianfeng could be so uncomfortable,He even dared to provoke his wife behind the two of them。
but,What’s the point of saying this now??

But Chen Wenjin thinks,The most worrying thing is Xiao Gao,Just ask him in a low voice:“Did Hye promise you??”

“It’s not three months yet。”Xiao Gao still seems confident,Promised,Kanhui is back,Hurriedly helped her adjust the chair slightly to let her sit down,Hui smiled and said thank you。
The moment Chen Wenjin and Hui met,I read that she was full of thoughts,I couldn’t help but observe for a while,I found that Hui felt like Xiao Gao……A little more polite。
Chen Wenjin asked Hui on purpose:“Is there someone named Jiang Zai in your class??”
Hui Wei was startled,Then he answered with a strange and enthusiastic look:“Yes!you know?”
“Heard it mentioned,Said he was handsome。”Of course Chen Wenjin knows that there is such a person,This ginger,Is the rival that Xiao Gao must face,Because this person’s appearance and personality are Huang Hui’s food,At least the initial attractiveness is like this。
“There is still such a person?”Xiao Gao Hehui is not in the same class,Surprised,I remembered again:“correct,When I first started school, I seemed to hear you say。”
“I told you,It’s Jiang Zai from the Fourth Brother One Wang.。”Hui smiled brightly,That enthusiasm bursts naturally。
Chen Wenjin sees it,I feel more worried about Xiao Gao’s road ahead,Does Hui choose inner beauty or outer beauty??
One Wang Si Ge,Talking about this,Wang Shuai couldn’t help but smile。
Yi Wang is talking about him,Refers to the handsome guy with no dead ends at the town school level,Fourth brother refers to the other four handsome men second only to him,Jiang Zi is one of them。
Wang Shuai disagrees with Jiang Zai,Jiang Zai’s family is in good condition,Is for business,But ordinary businessmen can’t fit into Wang Shuai’s eyes。
Xiao Gao knows who Jiang Zai is,But didn’t think much,Just to Chen Wenjin:“It is said that there are many beautiful women in Pengzhong this year.,The first fairy on the cloud,Seven fairies go down to earth,There are four beautiful in the world。Needless to say, you know the first fairy,Xiao Xiao;peach,Lulu,Water ripple,benefit,Lin Shangyun,Thousand grasses collectively called six fairies。Except them,There are four beautiful people in the world,May is among the four beautiful。”
May is actually quite unhappy,She thinks nothing else,She is not worse than Hui,The body may be a little weaker,But I don’t know how much my skin is whiter!It turned out that she was not among the Six Fairies。May think it’s because she sells her face,She was the eldest sister in school before,Know many people,With Xiaogao’s face。
Chen Wenjin thought that Taozi and Xiao Gao did not go to Pengzhong and dropped out of school in his memory.,In addition, of course there is also Pengzhong who was not originally here.,Undoubtedly, he used the power of material inverse motion to influence these,and,When the quota is fixed, it means that three people have not been able to enter Pengzhong.。
It’s just that he is strange,In my memory, although his time in Pengzhong is very limited,But I also heard people say that Brother Wang Si,but,But I have never heard of the first fairy Xiao Xiao。
‘Xiao Xiao didn’t choose Pengzhong?Or……What accident happened to her originally?’Chen Wenjin became more curious about this,But he wants to know the answer,Need to pay a relatively large time price,The curiosity at this moment is obviously not enough to make him willing to live again from when he first met Xiao Xiao。
Chen Wenjin does not have much overlap with the people in Pengzhong in his memory,I just want to care about the situation of a few people I know。

“Ok。”Xiao Xiao knows that Abao is in a bad mood,I definitely need to talk to Chen Wenjin,Just say:“I’ll go to Amei’s in a while,Do not worry about me。”

Chen Wenjin drove Abao and Li Xiang to their rented house,Entered the house,Abao let Li Xiang take the wine。
The latter took it,Abao suddenly lost his temper and said:“艹!Won’t take more bottles?Who can drink this??”
“……Why are you so angry?”Li Xiang was in a bad mood,She also suffered a heavy loss tonight,Can’t bear it。
“What’s wrong with you?Can not do it?Didn’t you introduce the car dealer??You also introduce this kind of street goods?I’m not familiar with you too?I was stolen as soon as I got the car today,Steal me with four cars in a row!Who else is it?You don’t want to call someone,Find out where that bashing street is,Like a wood!What happened to you?”A leopard suffocated early,The cursing Li Xiang slammed the door and went out。
“艹!”A leopard kicked the sofa,Holding hair again,Sit down on the sofa,Suddenly red eyes,Said with tears:“gold、I am done!Really over……I’m poor!I’m a poor man!I asked Brother Xiu about Li Xiang’s car,Say you can shoot for 350,000,I just bought my car for 200,000 yuan!I originally had 220,000 left!Now I’m in the car and gone,If I can’t find it, I will only have 20,000 yuan left!I’m poor!Become poor!Li Xiang that stupidX!Tonight lent her bag and money to her sister!We both became poor overnight!I’m a poor man!Why should I buy this car??Why should I buy this car??”
Chen Wenjin waited for Ah Bao to vent his despair and grief,He also hopes that Abao can grow up after this blow,After all, the Leopard in memory,Grow in the future,Not so exaggerated and outrageous as before,Good face and showing off are just normal。
Abao cried in pain for a while,And at the moment,Li Xiang found Qiangwei to chat。
After Qiangwei came out, she blamed her:“Why did you come to me suddenly?Wang Shuai is still at home!Everyone knows that we turned our faces into enemies,You suddenly call me out,How can I explain to Wang Shuai later??”
Li Xiang took Qiangwei to the roof,Staring at her,Indignant question:“Did you find someone to do it??”
“What i’m looking for?”Qiangwei is really inexplicable。“what are you talking about?”
“Don’t pretend there!My plan is except you,Who else knows?It’s not you who else?You are a good way,Pretending to be harmless,Secretly play this kind of black hand!It’s not enough to own Wang Shuai?I have to wipe out the benefits of Abao!Don’t you think i’m a fool!”Li Xiang is very angry,She has only two possibilities,She thinks Qiangwei is the most suspicious。“Tell you——Or give me back,Either I will leave you with nothing!”
Qiangwei said with no patience:“what are you talking about!Can you make it clear?Don’t be so inexplicable,I don’t even know what happened!”
Li Xiang suspected she was acting,But I probably retelled what happened at night。
After Qiangwei listened,Thinking:“This is a bit strange……But it’s definitely not me。I have Wang Shuai,Pit you for that advantage?Didn’t you dig your own grave??To the end,Is it worth nothing for both of us?I know that you are also angry and don’t know who did it that made me angry。Actually we have known each other for so long,You also know my style of doing things,I wouldn’t do it at all and I can’t do this kind of thing.,I can’t find anyone to help you if you let me do it!I don’t even support you looking for someone to help get Abao’s money,How could I do this to you??”

“How can I contact Fernandez·Chen?”Back to my office,Bruce·Evans asked his secretary:“I’m talking about a more polite way。”

“Fernandez·Mr. Chen seems to have a good relationship with a consulting firm in Washington,”Secretary thought for a while,Replied:“This consulting company has contacts with some big names in the Pentagon。”
“So it’s probably an acquaintance?”Heard the secretary,Bruce·Evans couldn’t help but smile,He knows these meaningless“Consulting company”What’s the matter,Speaking of,Lockheed and these“Consulting company”There are still many business exchanges。Casually ordered the secretary:“Help me contact,Just say I want to talk to him about something。”
“Ok,”The secretary hurriedly responded:“What time?”
“The sooner the better!”
In blues·Evans“The sooner the better”At the request of,The next afternoon,Jotson appeared in Bruce·In front of Evans。
Looking at the big man in front of you,Jotson was surprised and happy。
I am glad that this is the senior executive vice president of the military giant Lockheed.,Such a big man finds himself,Once we can take this opportunity to get online with Lockheed,Wouldn’t the money be rolling in from now on??;
Worry is,Jottson knows himself,Know that Lockheed has a special cooperation“Consulting company”,They are even here“Consulting company”Some shares in it,In other words,In theory, such a good thing can’t fall to oneself at all。
Then the problem is coming,Bruce·Evans finds himself,What is it for?
Bruce·Before Evans came,I specifically asked people to find a piece of information about the relationship between Qiao Tesen and Chen Geng,I know that this guy has a very good relationship with Chen Geng,So I didn’t put on a show、Domineering posture,Took a sip of coffee,Bruce·Evans asked Jotson quite politely:“Mr. Chotson,I heard that your relationship with Mr. Fernandez is very good?”
Bruce·Evans came to find himself,It’s for Fernandez·Chen?
Don’t understand Bruce·In the case of Evans,Qiaotson was playing drums in his heart,Prudent way:“This one……how to say,Me and Fernandez·Mr. Chen has been cooperating for some years,Everyone’s friendship is pretty good,but……”
“that’s enough,”Without waiting for Jotson to finish,Bruce·Evans nodded:“Mr. Chotson,Please come over this time,I need to trouble you to ask Fernandez·Mr. Chen sends a message,Say that Lockheed intends to sell off the civil aircraft business,I don’t know if he is interested?”
Jotson waited for a long time,Didn’t wait for Bruce·Evans’ below,Only astonished:“That’s it?”
Bruce·Evans nodded:“Yes,That’s it。”
Jotson suddenly couldn’t laugh or cry!
If just let me help you with Fernandez·A word from Chen Di,Then you said earlier,Such a simple thing!Do you know I almost scared Lao Tzu to death,I thought I accidentally blocked your Lockheed way……

“Oh。”See here,Sanjiyou left disappointed,Go to the playground to gather。

“Baba,he…Their wings?”After a while,Wait for them to leave,Little Sasha asked。
“Them,Are all earthlings,Those angel sisters who are not yours,Without wings。”Wu Xing explained to his daughter with a smile。
“Yeah。”Little Sasa seems to understand。
Ba Ba’s mother’s wings are folded,Little cutie knows,Aunt Hexi also took her back yesterday,Even the one with her。
“OK,Let’s go find your Aunt Hexi。”Looking at the baby girl thinking about something,Wu Xing said with a smile。
Little salsa,No longer think about it,Cheered“Find Aunt Hexi,Find Aunt Hexi。”
“Clever ghost,Wake up,I heard you calling auntie a long time ago,What’s so happy。”Just when Xiao Sasa clapped her hands and cheered,Hexi walked out of her makeshift room,Meet the happy little cute,Could not help but smile。
Saw Aunt Hexi come out,Xiao Sasa is even more happy,Hurriedly shouted milky milk“Aunt,Baba,band…we eat…delicious。”
“Your father takes you to eat delicious food, you are so happy,Auntie said to take you to eat delicious,Not willing。”Hexi looked at the happy little naughty in front of him,Couldn’t help but joked。
“Yeah。”Little Sasha heard this,She immediately hid in Baba’s arms shyly,Unwilling to emerge,Obviously she still remembers the last time,I don’t know how to answer Aunt Hexi’s words。
“Auntie Lose is so kind to you,Your little guy only thinks about your father。”See the cute behavior of the little guy,Hexi pretends to be angry。
“Yeah”Little guy,After taking a look at Aunt Hexi,,Realizing that Aunt Hexi is not really angry,But looking at yourself with a smile,Shyly buried his head in again。
Wu Xing and Hexi, who watched such a series of actions, are so happy。。。

“Don’t go,I’ll be with you and help you rule the world, boss!”Yinsang smiled at this moment,Put out a pretty sincere watch。

“Didn’t you say that spiders have been wiped out by you??In this case,You don’t have to follow me。”Qin Feng can’t tell if the other party will beat him up because of anger。
After all, Qin Feng is still not used to staying with this unfamiliar person。
“The spider was maimed, yes,But shouldn’t your enemy be a Skynet member??The Skynet organization still hasn’t emerged yet。Besides,How do you know that there are no god-level powerhouses??If encountered,Are you afraid you will die?”Yinsang said not to the front。
“amount.”Qin Feng touched his chin,“That makes sense,But the problem is,Skynet people,It’s not easy to deal with。Besides,You follow me,I have no money for you!”
Qin Feng tells the truth,The money paid to each other before needs the help of Dynasty Group,So it’s impossible to get enough money to give to the other party。
“That’s all right,I just want to stay with you to protect you!No money!”Yin Sang opened his mouth。
“Can you give me a reason?”Qin Feng frowned。I think Yinsang is deliberate!
“because,My adoptive father is your biological father.”
“What the hell?”
Of course Qin Feng was quite surprised when he heard this information,Because fifteen years have passed,Qin Feng has never heard of his father Qin Wangchu。
But now suddenly a“Islander”Tell him that his father had adopted a child?
of course,After thinking about it, I still think this kind of thing is still possible。
Qin Feng asked,“Why didn’t I hear my father mention it??”

If Xia Chenglong is facing two or three people,in“Chiba Xianglong”Long ago died under the impact of。

But there are too many people,This powerful trick is just to force them away,He has to go forward,Then can’t stop。
This is a martial art of piercing Yang with a hundred steps,For a certain direction has a strong single lethality。
Things in a flash,Many people are still immersed in the real dragon chant just now,But was hurt by the sudden sword energy。
This kind of sword, light and sword shadow has become the most beautiful voice in the world of warriors,They symbolize their value,Also represents conquering。
This is the view I will be after 100 meters,There are still many people around Xia Chenglong,No matter which direction,There will be masters in the progress。
Such a high-intensity battle cannot be sustained by ordinary people,He must reach the designated location in the next half an hour,Otherwise it is really possible to stay here。
In addition to the fifth product, there is also a sixth product,Even the Seventh-Rank Saint Realm Warriors joined the battle,They all have more or less the power of artistic conception,To deal with this kind of warrior is not as simple as imagined。
Xia Chenglong shook the one in front of him with a palm,Get short free time by pulling。
The tiger’s mouth was torn because of excessive force,The blood stayed along the blade drop by drop,Very conspicuous。
Clean up all these miscellaneous guys in Lingxiao City with one person,This kind of ability is not something ordinary people can do。
According to normal logic,One will be particularly strenuous,Xia Chenglong,The man who fell under his sword can no longer imagine。
Someone saw the blood on Xia Chenglong’s sword holding hand,Some complicated changes in their hearts。
This man is finally hurt,As long as he is not a god,Then there is hope of victory。
But on the other hand,They don’t understand why so many warriors,Just let the opponent’s mouth open,Not riddled with holes。
Everyone is brewing,The warriors in the entire Lingxiao City are in the distance,He has no chance to do any thinking,Can you leave? This is it。
“Everything fades!”

Facing Xiangyang’s doubts,Ling Yun is also fluent,Don’t worry about your grades。

“you guys……You guys are good!Clean up by yourself!”
I feel my kindness has been abused,Xiangyang put down the dishes,Xiangyang rushed out。
“Don’t make false accounts when handing over the work!Otherwise, kill you two!”
Xiang Yanggang left,Meng Bo and Ling Yun sighed helplessly,Xiangyang suddenly killed the carbine,Let two people sprinkle rice directly。
Seeing Ling Yun and Meng Bo,Xiangyang left contentedly。
“Ling brother,This is a good girl!If you don’t cherish,But it’s cheaper for other grandsons!”
After the door is closed,Meng Bo imagined the back when Xiangyang left,Can’t help but sigh that there are really not many girls like this!
“Is the meal not tasty??I can’t stop your mouth?”
Ling Yun frowned and asked。
“Blocked mouth,But can’t stop people’s hearts!”
Meng Bo retorted,Let Ling Yun stop talking to him。
Chewing the food in your mouth angrily,For people like Ling Yun who don’t know how to cherish,As a friend,Meng Bo thinks he has an obligation to remind him to cherish the person before him!

While speaking,The red light in Bei Gongwang’s eyes is getting stronger。

Lu Menglin smiled slightly,Tao:“You do not want《Hero Summon》Up?kill me,You won’t get anything。”
Bei Gongwang actually thought about it very seriously,Shook his head:“You killed her,We are on the same boat,I will keep you。”
Lu Menglin turned his head and looked at Mu Feiyan,Smiled:“Miss Mu,We are dying,You don’t have anything to defend yourself?The elders in the family should prepare for you!What forbidden curse!Great sacrifice!Really not?”
Mu Feiyan smiled sadly,Shook his head in embarrassment。
Till now,She can’t even tell the attitude of the hero Lu,What this guy said is strange,Seems to be indicative,But it makes people very speechless。
“Kill if you want,Don’t be hypocritical!But I want to remind you,Bei Gong Wang Langzi ambition,You know his secret,May not live long!”Mu Feiyan smiled sadly。
“like,Also has some truth。Forget it!”Lu Menglin smiled and nodded,Straighten up。
Bei Gong saw him still hesitating,Can’t help but frown。
“Sorry,I never kill women!Brother Bei Gong,It’s better to stop here,we
When nothing happened,good or not?”Lu Menglin said with a smile。
“it is good!well!Then you go to die together!”Bei Gongwang no longer waits and sees,Red light in the eyes,Hand furiously,Dazzling,Turned into an arc,Broke through,Cut to Lu Menglin’s chest。
Bei Gong looks at this shot,Is force,Without reservation。

If two people go so smoothly,Go on peacefully,Maybe one day in the future we will encounter the same difficulties,So it’s not necessarily a bad thing to experience something earlier。

Xiao Fan came to the new base again,Since this new base has been handed over to Shen Lin for management,Xiao Fan rarely comes,Only at the beginning was I worried that Shen Lin could not handle it,Just took a look。
But Xiao Fan didn’t expect that in a short time,Shen Lin was able to plan and develop the new base in such an orderly manner,The training every brother should train。
Even if Shen Lin is not there,Now Yiming is taking over,And didn’t get any other influence,Xiao Fan feels that capable people can do well no matter what they do。
It so happens that Shen Lin and Yiming are both like this,This is why Xiao Fan dared to let them do it all these years。
In fact, the foundation they are laying is not for others,But for themselves,Everything they do now,Xiao Fan will give it to them in the future,The better they do,The better you will receive in the future。
When Xiao Fan came to the new base, he saw that nothing had become disorderly or a little chaotic because of the absence of Shen Lin.,It’s better than before。
Maybe this is a person’s influence,Shen Lin is usually good to these brothers,So they don’t want Shen Lin to worry, right,I hope Shen Lin can see them better when he wakes up。
Chapter four hundred and ninety three Working is hard
Xiao Fan held a meeting with the people in charge of the new base,In fact, Yiming is taking care of the new base now,But Yiming still has the base and company to take care of。
Sometimes Chu Yao will come to help,These people are very obedient to the management of Yiming and Chu Yao,Everyone thinks that since the person sent by Xiao Fan must be capable。
And they knew before that both Yiming and Chu Yao are very good people,They feel convinced,Xiao Fan simply held a meeting for them。
Specifically talked about the arrangements for these days,And there shouldn’t be any more missions in the new base recently,Must use this time to strengthen oneself,Strengthen all aspects of training。
Several people in charge are firmly stating that they will perform well,But actually these people really want to ask when Shen Lin can come back。
They also know that Shen Lin was seriously injured that day,They worry that if they ask, Xiao Fan will be upset,But in fact, Xiao Fan knew what they were thinking。
So I didn’t go around with them,Just tell them:“Behave well,When will Shen Lin come back is unknown,But if he gets better,Any good news will be notified in time。”
The brothers below are very happy,Because they think Shen Lin will wake up,As long as Shen Lin is still,They just waited for Shen Lin to come back and continue to manage them,Keep training them。
This is the character and ability of a person,Convinced many people,In fact, these brothers are not waste materials or incompetent people。
On the contrary, each of them has their own abilities,And they all have their own good aspects,When tasked,They can have a clear division of labor,Very well cooperated。