Logging words,At the same time as harvesting, replanting saplings,Also consider transportation、Labor cost,So count it,That is**millionRBMNet profit,Maybe not yet。

In order to be able to seeRB211Engine information,Lao Maozi is willing to pay**million,Is quite sincere,But Chen Geng was disappointed:This**Making millions is too hard!
Wave his hand,Chen Geng said:“Forget this,Too troublesome。”
He wants to hit someone:Such a large sum of money,You don’t even see it?!
Chen Geng also gave up:Since Lao Maozi’s brain circuit is really unable to understand what he wants,Then speak for yourself。
He pursed his mouth,To Nicholas·Malinkov says:“Mr. Malinkov,I want different things。”
“You said。”
“One is from the Ivchenko Design BureauAI-25engine,”Chen Geng said:“I need toAI-25A full set of technical documentation and production authorization for the engine。”
AI—25Is a very good、Maximum thrust at1700Kilogram twin-rotor turbofan engine,The overall performance is not even inferior to that of GarrettTFE—731engine,This is understandable,if notAI-25The stability and reliability of the engine is excellent,Will not be selected asL—39Trainer’s engine。
In addition to being a power trainer,AI-25It is also widely used in civil aviation,It is also the most produced civil aircraft in the Soviet Union:Jacques—40Queen’s engine,Jacques—40The total output exceeds1200frame,A plane needs3Engine,Count the spare engine,Shan Shan Jacques-40You need to use at least4000Engine。
It can be said,AI—25In reliability、Fuel economy on the two major aero engine indicators,Has achieved the forefront of the Soviet aviation engine。
Chen Geng has been greedy for this level of power system for a long time,If you find a way to improveAI-25Fuel economy and noise reduction,This is the power system of a very good small business jet,right now,He finally caught the opportunity。
“AI-25Engine information and authorization?”Nicholas·Malinkov frowned。
As the deputy director of the Soviet Military Industrial Affairs Committee in charge of the aviation industry,He is forAI—25This engine is certainly no stranger,Naturally, I wonder why Chen Geng fell in love with this engine:Although the performance of this engine is good,But where is the thrust after all?,What does he want this engine to do?
Although I don’t understand,Although this engine is old enough(The official production is in1967year,already20Years old),Although Nicholas·Malinkov felt that the organization agreed with Fernandez·Chen’s possibility of this condition Enda,But Nicholas·Malinkov’s answer is still very cautious:“Your question,I can’t answer you yet,But I will take your request back、For the organization to discuss……Mr. Fernandez,What is your second condition?”
Chen Geng said with a smile:“Isn’t your Soviet Union discussing the development of a new advanced jet trainer??”
Nicholas·Malinkov became vigilant instantly:“What do you want to do?!”

Jin Sanggang finished saying this,Then died。

At this moment, Yin Sang squinted,“why,I just want a place to live well。In fact, the treatment of Xuan-level scavengers is pretty good,Usually deal with some weak traitors。Besides, here in the island country,There are not many masters。And we have at least six-figure income every month。This kind of life is actually pretty good.”
Listening to Yinsang talking to himself,Zhong Fa didn’t dare to act rashly。Because Yinsang’s speed has already surpassed the strength that Xuan-level should have.。
It is clear,This person is not a profound expert at all。The speed just now,Even Zhong Fa dare not say that he can keep up。In other words,The opponent is at least the same level as him,It might even be a heavenly powerhouse。
But he can’t figure it out,Why should a heavenly powerhouse hide in a profound scavenger?And it looks like,No one knows about the Scavengers department。
Kim Sang, who has been partnering with him for many years, never thought that the person next to him is a super master in disguise。Maybe Jinsang never thought that he died in the hands of his companions?
next moment,Yinsang raised his head and looked at Zhong Fa and Chen Feng。
“Ha ha,Just eat rice。”
Finished,He closed the knife and left。
Zhong Fa swallowed
,Looking at each other’s back,For a few moments,He has an urge to rush forward and continue fighting with the opponent。
Unfortunately he dare not,The spirit is withered。In the case of being suppressed in various aspects,Fight against such a person,Maybe he will die。
When I was in China,Of course Zhong Fa wouldn’t be like this,At that time, even if you are facing up to the strong,Zhong Fa won’t flinch。I even feel that I can play against the sky level with my own strength,At the same time, with the help of such a battle to break through to become a heavenly level。
But since I came to the island country,Zhong Fa started to be a little scared。So this time,He still failed to break through the sky level,Don’t even dare to do something with Yinsang who is hiding his strength。

“I go,Maid outfit,Should I consider surrendering?!”Liu Chuang whispered,Then he looked at Lena and Qiangwei unkindly。

“What do you think!”Qiangwei is desperate for Liu Chuang’s brain“Chuangzi,All,including you,You will wear it then!”
Liu Chuang passed by Qiangwei’s reminder,I thought of myself wearing a maid outfit,Then I feel that the whole person is not good。
“Kill him,Such a bitch can’t stay in the world to harm people!”If only women wear it,Liu Chuang feels he can bear it,After all, he is a gainer。
But you want him to be a big man,Also wearing this thing,He thinks this kind of world,It should be destroyed。
Although some double standard,But who makes this a human instinct?。
“All right,Start fighting,Qilin captures the vision,Liu Chuang is ahead,Qiangwei protects Qilin’s side,And Mengmeng and Liu Chuang fight together,Be careful to protect yourself,Xin Zhao’s speed is too fast,And his first target,It should be Qilin!”
“Roger that!”
Analysis of Lena,Everyone is convinced。
“Then the five of us can’t lose and keep defending here.,If you enter the jungle,It is very likely to happen to something we can’t imagine,So what to do this time?”Liu Chuang asked。
Let him hide here and wait for Xin Zhao to come out,Liu Chuang feels aggrieved,And if you want to go in,He was also worried about Xin Zhao’s speed。
“go in,If the five of us continue to wait here,That battle is likely to remain deadlocked。Besides, Xin Zhao has long-range attacks,Here we are very likely to be sniped by each other。”
“Sister said,Then let’s go in,I’ll open the way first!”Liu Chuang takes the lead,The whole person walked straight ahead,And Rui Mengmeng is by his side,Change your position from time to time。
As for Lena, she is in the middle.,An energy bomb in hand is ready to be launched at any time,Qilin is going to use her eyes to capture Xin Zhao’s movement,Qiangwei is there ready to attack at any time。
Although Qiangwei’s melee ability is not strong,But after Dukao had the resources,I prepared a dark alloy dagger for her,It is considered that Qiangwei has the super high attack ability of an assassin。
Xin Zhao is also considering the opponent’s strength at this time,When starting again,Liu Chuang and Rui Mengmeng are the best solutions,Threat to Xin Zhao,Also the smallest,Because he is too fast,It’s not that Liu Chuang who is idle can go to the mountain。

It’s just that Qin Feng’s killing intent slowly loosened,He is not the kind of person who likes to kill innocent people。

Huang Junjie can naturally feel Qin Feng’s killing intent,But he didn’t panic,Instead, he said with a smile:“Young people don’t be impulsive,I don’t just know about this,Will Tianguang know,But he knew it earlier。”
And he didn’t handle it well,I will help you handle the end of the hand。What you helped Jiang Yan treat,That’s the medicine a friend of mine brought back from abroad,This is the drug,Treating a cold is best。
Huang Junjie finished this sentence,And took out a box of medicine from my pocket,Obviously it’s already prepared。
Qin Feng looked at Huang Junjie without understanding and asked:“why treat me like this?”
Huang Junjie said in response to what was not asked:“Do you think a person wants to succeed,What should he have?”
This is a very serious question,Qin Feng also thought about it for a long time,Then he said:“I should rely on my own ability?”
“Yes?Have their own skills,But everyone’s brains and skills are not much different,Except for a handful of people who will go against the sky,The others are all beings。”
Whether it’s me,Or the sky light is like this,He found your situation,But he is calm,Have been silently supporting you,Get your favor,In the future, if you become more prosperous,,He will naturally go up again。
The reason why he could float up and down so many times before,Because of these。
Huang Junjie let Qin Feng enter another world,He always thought that what he did was quite secretive,But now he realizes that he has always been a little underestimated hero。
But now Qin Feng is also facing a problem,He looked at Huang Junjie with a headache and asked:“What do you mean?”
Qin Feng is also acquiescing something,Everyone has investigated clearly,Covering up here is purely an insult to my own brain。

Qin Feng sneered after hearing this,He said to those people with a serious face,“I now give you a way to survive,You leave this place right now。”

“You don’t need to worry about anything happening in the future,You should be free from now on,If you stay here,I’m afraid that you are the one who makes fertilizer here。”
Qin Feng looked at those people,I still have some conscience,Thinking of giving them a way to survive,Otherwise, he must have solved these people first,Destroy this piece of evil again。
A few people hesitated after listening,They are not all willing to do things for the old fox here,They also got tied up after coming here accidentally。
And use their wives and daughters to coerce them to work here,The old fox will give them some compensation,And ensure that their homes have nothing to worry about。
I just can’t reveal a word to the outside world,Otherwise, the life of the family will be accounted for here。
So although everyone here knows that what they are doing is not a good thing,Doing the opposite may cost many people their lives,But they have to do it。
One of them said to Qin Feng,“If we go now,Can you really protect our safety?And protect the safety of our family?”
After Qin Feng heard this, he knew that these people were not willing to stay here.,So nodded and said,“As long as you leave here immediately,Not only your lives are safe,I also promise your family will be absolutely safe。
But some of them really don’t believe Qin Feng’s words,Said to Qin Feng,“Why do we believe you,You are just a person who showed up here for no reason,Someone will catch you soon。”
“And you will be like us,Can only stay in this field forever,Doing these shameful deeds。”
Qin Feng sneered again after listening,“No one dared to force me to do things I don’t want to do。I dare say I can guarantee your safety,Can guarantee your safety。”
“Believe it or not is your business,but,if
If you don’t leave,I can guarantee you will die next。”
Qin Feng first salutes and then soldiers,Seeing a few people are not very cooperative,I lost patience and said directly,He doesn’t want to waste time with these people,The dozen acres of flowers and plants outside are still waiting for him to deal with。
After hearing Qin Feng’s words, several people made up their minds,After taking a few clothes and personal things,So she ran outside。
But a few people are still hesitating,As if to doubt Qin Feng’s words。Qin Feng watched them not leave。

I looked at Han Yu Xiang and then fell silent,The way children think is really different from that of adults。

“Really forgive?”
Xiang Chen seems to be unwilling to give up,Asked again。
“Of course!Mom said everyone will die,Since everyone will die,Why should i be angry?Just thinking that everyone will die,I will be sad,But I am also willing to forgive everyone!”
Listen to the elegant answer,The adults around have their mouths slightly open,Don’t know what to say。
From meeting this little girl,Everyone feels that she has excessive indifference,And after she met Xiang Chen,This indifference weakens a lot。
Until now,Everyone thinks that no one can have a sincere heart with a cold expression?
Everyone who looks at elegance,There was a slight change in my eyes quietly,Including Xiang Chen and Han Yuxiang。
“News from headquarters,For the sake of your demerits,Hungry Wolf Group.One-thousandth of that is realised to you。”Long Qi, who was sitting in the passenger seat, said to Xiang Chen。
“Five thousandths,Think of a clean way,To this child and her mother!”
Xiang Chen continues to tease this elegance,And they don’t know the elegance of the numbers in Xiang Chen’s mouth.,I don’t seem to care about the conversations between Xiangchen and others。
“Dragon Head’s Command,We cannot change!”
Drove Longsi coldly,But Xiang Chen doesn’t give any face。
“The old man surnamed Qu must have given you one percent permission,I deliberately asked you to say a thousandth to test my bottom line,I just thought that taking too much is not good for the little girl in the future,Don’t think I am afraid of you,Otherwise, let the old boy named Qu come and talk to me in person!”

Compared to staying in the dormitory to fight Zhu Xiaoguang,Don’t go downstairs to see what Zhong Liying is going to do,After all, they are little girls,It’s more seductive than Zhu Xiaoguang。

“I go out for a while,You guys talk first。”Lu Menglin smile,Then opened the door,Out of the dormitory。
text Chapter Two Hundred and Fifty Three Causal signs
The lights under the male dormitory are as bright as daylight,There are reluctant men and women on the road from time to time。
but,Compared to the balance of the male to female ratio downstairs in the female dormitory,Downstairs in the male dormitory is obviously still mostly male,So Zhong Liying only waited a while,There are many boys deliberately turning around her,Humming softly,Some people took off their shirts and started showing their muscles,There are also those who are ready to recite poems,All in all,Everything。
Until Lu Menglin appeared,Little beauty obediently followed him,This made the gang of animals downstairs reluctantly withdraw their eyes,Temporarily stopped。
The two walked to the corner of the dormitory building,Relatively quiet here。
Night is as cool as water,Evening breeze。
“what can I do for you?”Lu Menglin asked casually。
Zhong Liying’s face first showed a naughty smile,And then happily:“Poorest dormitory in history?”
“Haha!Even you know?”When Lu Menglin heard this name,Immediately happy。
If it is an average boy,Was honorably called poverty,May be very sensitive,Even feel inferior,Feels embarrassing among peers。
But Lu Menglin obviously has no such obstacles,Because he knows what he has,There are upcoming,Not moved by foreign objects。
“You still laugh?Your dormitory is almost regarded as a scourge by the girls building!I will be bachelor from now on!”Zhong Liying Haha Dao。
“Then bachelor!Just to study for the rise of China!”Lu Menglin smiled and replied。
“what?Your ideal is quite great!admire,admire!Boss Lu,You are not gay?How else could it be so great?”Zhong Liying smiled。

“What are you doing??Break it!”Lu Menglin frowned,Shen Sheng。

“but.Ok!”Mi Xiaochong heard Lord Wu Hao’s voice,Suddenly thought of those companions who died tragically in front of me,Those people and him are teachers and friends,Along the way,But I didn’t expect to die on this plane。
Mi Xiaochong gritted her teeth,Don’t care about the benefits,If the chest is not flat,What’s the point of being alive?Do not avenge the teachers and friends,Are you still a person??Meet on Huangquan Road in the future,What else is there to see them!
Want to be here,Mi Xiaochong got hot in her chest,Suddenly understand,Struggling to knock the staff in his hand on the glass cover。
Lu Menglin saw this scene,So I lightly refreshed my brows,I feel better。
At least Mi Xiaochong is willing to do it,It shows that the sacrifice of Gao Dajin and the others is worth it,If their sacrifice,In exchange for a profit,Little master,It would have been too wrong to die。
boom!Mi Xiaochong’s staff hits the tempered glass cover,Just heard the sound,The glass stays still。
This cover is a container used by Glacier Girl to protect her body,How could it not be strong?Mi Xiaochong as a linguist,Although the strength is not weak,But to crack this kind of thing,It still depends on the martial artists。
“Forgive me!I can hand over the lowest level of authority,From now on,Willing to be controlled by you!”Glacial girl screamed。
“Do it!What are you doing??help!”Lu Menglin shrugged,Said angrily。
Tu Shanming made a strange cry,Rush forward,Picking up the Iron Slasher, just a guy hit it,The huge glass container cracked immediately,The crack spreads in all directions like a spider web。
“This knife is for Strict Shou Copper!Such a good big bald head,I was killed by your ugly thing!”Tu Shanming scolded,I started to slash again。
“This knife is for Gao Fatty!He still owes me Yuyuan yet!”Tu Shanming hit another backhand,Knocked hard on the glass cover,The crack on the top is bigger。
“And this knife,When given to Dabra!I remembered,That guy bought me dates!”Tu Shanming made his third shot with all his strength,Slash in place。
boom!The glass cover finally can’t stand the sword strength,Burst,Shattered。
The liquid inside flows all over the floor in an uproar,That giant brain is lying in the almost dry pool,A weak look,Looks really ugly to the extreme。
“Do not,Don’t destroy me!I can do many things!”The image of Glacier Girl is getting blurred,The voice has also become a lot thinner。

So everything is slaying dragons through their hands。

This is a terrible and huge assumption,Dahua Country actually has a dedicated family,Targeted at slaying dragons,Or occupation。
You know that the dragon is a sacred symbol of Dahua,People are actually spirit beasts,It’s just a more advanced existence of this other spirit beast。
And the dragon is the king of all spirit beasts,Nature is also an existence that humans respect。
Someone even carried the entire Dahua country in Tulong,This is incredible。
“This is fake!”
“fake?”Tu Cancan puzzled,“Shouldn’t you just say these are true,There is a change now。”
“Everything else is true,But this is fake!”
Xia Chenglong is so sure,Naturally because of his feelings。
The dragon looks mighty and sacred,It’s far worse than a real dragon,Mainly lies in the embodiment of Longwei。
He also has dragon blood in his body,It stands to reason that both sides will feel,But in his perception,The dragon inside him,Dragon blood is something that I disdain,Even with some hatred。
“Don’t mention what dragon is?”
“If you didn’t guess wrong,It should be similar to Jiao Yi,It’s just that this guy cultivates to a certain level,It’s almost finished getting rid of the dragon!”
Tu Cancan nodded,The way it turns out。
“All right,Nothing good,Still hurry up and find a way out,I always feel like here is not**all!”
“What is insecure,Some ice sculptures,Could it be that they will survive?”Tu Cancan doesn’t care at all,Did not realize the danger is approaching them step by step。
Right where they just came in,Cracks appeared on the surface of the ice sculpture,And this kind of crack slowly extends to the whole body。
Not just it,There are other guys touched by Tu Cancan,This happens。

A moment of effort,The person who was hugged and bitten by him stopped moving,And the other person was scared to death,Have lost the courage to continue fighting。

“by!What kind of monster is that!Bros,Copy guy,Hack him!”And Liansheng’s new leader finally couldn’t help it,Roared loudly。
The subordinates are greatly embarrassed in front of Mr. Lu,The face of the new leader is not good,Can only order a swarm,Tried my best to bring back this city。
At this moment,The police officers present also commotion,They can’t allow the community members to draw their swords in the street so arrogant,But that lunatic who can kill people can’t help but clean up!
“Back off!All back!Hand it over to the police!”A senior inspector draws out his gun,Roar loudly。
Under the order of the top police,At least a dozen police officers present at the same time drew their guns and pointed them at Niu Qiuye。
“Stop now!Let him go!Squat on the ground with your head in your hands,Otherwise we will shoot!”The police yelled。
now,Niu Qiuye is like a bloodthirsty beast,Completely lost basic sanity,Still holding the hapless gold medalist,Gnaw。
The senior inspector couldn’t help it,Loudly:“shot!shot!”
Gunshot!At least a dozen police officers fired at the same time,Because they can’t bear it anymore。
Who has seen such a tragic sight,Ate a big living man to death on the street?This is a real monster!
The bullet hit Niu Qiuye’s body,Beat him back again and again,Strange sounds like bulls roar constantly from the throat。
at last,Niu Qiuye lying on the ground,There is only a heavy gasp,Several bullets,I haven’t died yet,It can only be said that his vitality is really a bit strong。
“Look over!”Seeing that the weird man has lost his mobility,Senior Inspector waved,Several police officers boldly stepped forward,They want to check the status of the weirdo。
I don’t know how many police officers approached,Niu Qiuye’s belly suddenly bulged like a balloon,And the bigger the bigger,In an instant, even the belly became crystal clear and translucent。
“Retreat!All back!”At this moment,Lu Menglin frowned suddenly,Shouted。
Those police officers froze for a while,Involuntarily took two steps back。
In an instant,I only heard a loud bang,Niu Qiuye’s whole body suddenly burst and exploded。
The shock wave from the explosion sent the police officers to the ground.,And the blood that exploded when his body shattered,But splashed those police officers all over their faces。