Even though they have been prepaid,But these days,That’s superfluous, none of the leaders came,What kind of situation is this??

Why is this company a big company?,It can’t be like this without anyone。
Qin Feng knew what these people were thinking,He walked straight in。
Many people know Qin Feng,So everyone stood up and shouted:“President Qin。”
“Cough,This period of time,Really sorry,Because I met some emergency,The phone can’t be turned on,So there is no way to arrange some things,This also caused everyone to be negligent,I’m really sorry。”
Qin Feng said seriously, too,After speaking,He still bows。
moment,Everyone else is in a hurry。
Other dormitories have also come,Because they all heard Qin Feng’s movement。
“Qin Feng is back,What’s going on?Appearing now?”
“Didn’t you hear?Something went out,There is always no way to turn on the phone,Otherwise, why do you think you are not here??”
“Ugh,This thing seems to be the same,Otherwise,Who is full and needs so many of us??”
Many people started whispering directly,They also know very well that they have something here。

To this,Xia Chenglong unceremoniously accepted everyone’s cheers,This is not just for myself,And his dead brother。

and so,This brilliance also belongs to them!
Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty Nine First in the conference
“it is good,Then i declare,Today’s game is over,Tomorrow is still this time,Everyone see or leave,By the time……”
“and many more!”
Dream Butterfly has not finished speaking,Xia Chenglong speaks out。
“Mr. Xia,do you have any requests?”
“Start today!”
Very simple words,Directly lifted everyone’s appetite,Dream Butterfly Heart Understanding:“Mr. Xia,Are you sure for the last match today,Let me remind,The Liu family didn’t fight!”
“Yes,I am sure!”
On the surface,Such a decision is too hasty。
I knew they would face the Liu family next,An existence more terrifying than the Chen family,And they fought continuously,This is extremely unfavorable for the Zhao family。

As the saying goes,Ann。

Madam Zhao tidy up the table,While chatting with husband。
“Aid Korea,That kid from the Lu family is so funny,See our daughter,I can’t even sit still,Killing me!”
Zhao Yuanchao reached out and sniffed the liquor bottle on the table,Re-tighten,Shook his head and smiled:“Why did you give birth to such a beautiful daughter??But a fool like Lu Youshan,What kind of son can you give birth!It’s a pity that I wasted this good bottle of wine!”
“He is so stupid,You still arrange such a good position for him?Call him the sales manager?”Mrs. Zhao asked casually。
Zhao Yuanchao sneered twice,Lightly:“You don’t understand this,I have my own measures。”
The couple are talking,Their baby daughter Zhao Lingshuang changed her clothes,Downstairs again,I happened to hear my parents talking。
“father,You were talking about things just now?Is the talk done??”Zhao Lingshuang asked lightly。
Zhao Yuanchao laughed,Tao:“There should be no problem。Lu Youshan originally signed it on the spot,Who knows when you go home,His son was shocked,Haha!”
Zhao Lingshuang blinked,She just went back to the room,Recalling the scene in the living room,I always feel a little bit wrong。
When the kid saw himself just now,The performance is too exaggerated,Is he really the kind of stupid who gets crazy when he sees a beautiful woman??
But since that guy fell to the ground,But he didn’t look at myself again,It’s this little detail,Let Zhao Lingshuang have some doubts。
“dad,You are all cheated by him!”Zhao Lingshuang blurted out and debuted。
text Chapter Fifteen Agreement

He didn’t hesitate,Quickly take out the phone,Called Sanchez。

When Sanchez heard that Qiao Tianyu had something to discuss with him,Sanchez hurriedly said he himself was in New York at this time,He was about to thank Qiao Tianyu for his great favor!
Sanchez asked Qiao Tianyu to wait at Alpha,After a while he sent an extended Lincoln to pick up Qiao Tianyu。
Then Qiao Tianyu was taken to a high-end clubhouse near Central Park in Manhattan.。
At this time, Sanchez had already arranged two samba girls for Qiao Tianyu.。
“brothers,Enjoy it!”
Sanchez pushed the samba girl into Qiao Tianyu’s arms,Let him let go。
But at this time, Qiao Tianyu is full of powerful financial oligarchs.,I’m not in the mood for this。
Moreover,Qiao Tianyu has now contacted Lily, the beloved of the previous life,He doesn’t want to do something sorry to Lily。
So Qiao Tianyu declined Sanchez’s kindness,Drove everyone out,He and Sanchez are the only two left in the room。
“Brother Joe,what happened to you?Is there anything bothering you?”Sanchez found something wrong with Qiao Tianyu。
“Yes,Dude,I came here today。”Qiao Tianyu said。
“Don’t don’t,Brother Joe,Our relationship,Do not say‘begging’This word!”Sanchez said quickly。
“Tell me where you need it,Brother is absolutely obligatory!”
“Dude,Can you tell me what happened to Merck Motor Group?”Qiao Tianyu asked。

“These in your hands are some of the industries of our Qiao family in Yunshi,if you are willing to,From today,These industries belong to the Lin Group。”

Qiao Shan just finished。There is no response from Xiao Fan here,I saw that Lin Feng over there had stood up from his seat in surprise。
Then I came to Qiao Shan step by step,Asked incredulously:“you,What did you say?”
Qiao Shan investigated Xiao Fan,I naturally know who is standing in front of me,This person is Lin Feng, the former chairman of the Lin Group,That is Xiao Fan’s father-in-law。
So after Qiao Shan heard Lin Feng’s question,Answered immediately:“Uncle Lin,I mean,As long as Xiao Fan is willing,All of our Jiang family’s properties in Yun City,From today,Will belong to the Lin Group。”
As if to show your attitude,After saying the sentence just now,Qiao Shan immediately added:“Of course,If you are not satisfied with this apocalypse,I can still add,These are still negotiable。”
When Lin Feng heard such words,Wave your hand immediately,Said:“Do not,Do not,No need to,Really don’t need!”
He didn’t understand why the young master of the dignified Jiangnan family would come to their house to apologize to Xiao Fan,And also gave such a heavy apocalypse。
That’s the Jiang family’s industry in the entire Yun City!
Don’t look at anything else,Just look at the thick pile of documents in the lawyer’s hands,Lin Feng guessed and guessed it!
What did Xiao Fan do?,Would make the young master of the dignified Jiang family,Gave him such a big compensation。
Lin Feng looked at Xiao Fan at a loss,After all, Qiao Shan came to apologize to Xiao Fan,Although he is his father-in-law,But in this matter,He is also not qualified to say a word。
Lin Feng’s eyes looked at Xiao Fan,I saw Xiao Fan also looked calm and gentle。
And Qiao Shan looked at Xiao Fan who hadn’t said a word from beginning to end,I was also worried。
If Xiao Fan disagrees,Qiao Shan really doesn’t know what to do!
Chapter One Hundred and Eighteen Mystery call
So Qiao Shan’s eyes have been fixed on Xiao Fan’s body motionlessly。
But this can’t help Qiao Shan’s carelessness,Because of him,The whole Qiao family,The power of life and death is now placed on Xiao Fan。

“I’ll open an account tomorrow,Where is Xiao Xiao?”

“I have to discuss with my mother,Not sure。”
“Hey,Why don’t you think about where to go??”Abao thinks it’s time to enjoy it,I have been in the securities department for most of the day。
“I found the tank a few times,He is in the boxing gym,Go play?”Wang Shuai proposed,Leopard is very interested。
Chen Wenjin just wants to go home,Because I didn’t buy stocks today,He has to spend the next time again。
But Chen Wenjin hasn’t had time to speak yet,Abao’s phone rang,It happened to be red again,He took,Then say:“Have a suitable car,Let’s go see?Red trot,Two hundred and fifty thousand。”
Chapter One Hundred and One No?
“Send me back to get the money,Then go to see the car!”Wang Shuai is very excited,His first mobile toy in his life!
Chen Wenjin promised Abao,Just say:“If you are satisfied with this car,Wang Shuai, do you have to give Abao a big red envelope as a thank you fee??”
“no problem!Should!”Wang Shuai suspects that Chen Wenjin is revenge for the barbecue dinner last night,But he is in a good mood,Introducing Abao Intermediary,Take advantage of it。
“Look down on me?You all look down on me?Just that,Do i have to collect money?I’ll be so clear between brothers?”A leopard is a true face,Screamed very seriously。
Chen Wenjin thought about Abao, this is shooting himself in the foot,Maybe Abao thought Wang Shuai would actively persuade him to collect money, right?……
Wang Shuai said with a smile:“right,I forgot that Leopard is a million leopard!Row,Since it is a good brother,Don’t talk about money,Thank you so much!”

Now let’s briefly introduce Russia’s privatization process.。

background:After the collapse of the Soviet Union,Russia to establish a market economy,Radical“Shock therapy”,The purpose is to make the state-owned enterprises,Convert all to private ownership。
Just one sentence,The property of the whole country,To the common people。
They one-sidedly thought,So even if privatized,The market economy will be unimpeded。
simply put,Russia’s privatization process is divided into two stages。
The first stage,1992year6Month to1994year6month。
At that time Russia had1.48Billion people,The country took a valuation of1.48Trillion rubles of assets,About one-third of companies in Russia。
Package these companies into1.48Billion securities,Face value1Ten thousand rubles,Free to everyone in the country,One per person,So these securities have become“National Securities”。
But the Russian people had a difficult life,You can only exchange securities for food and other daily necessities,So a lot“People with lofty ideals”Take the opportunity to buy these national securities in large quantities at low prices,Which gave birth to a large number of“small”Financial oligarchs。
second stage,From1994year7Month later。
The main approach is,The remaining two-thirds of Russian companies,Take it all out and sell it for a fee,But because the price is too low,The acquirer can use one percent of the actual value,Even one-thousandth of the price won the enterprise。
So after the second stage starts,A big banker with a lot of money in his hand,Began to frantically acquire companies from the state at very low prices,Which gave birth to multiple giants“Big”Financial oligarchs。
The seven Russian financial oligarchs that were famous all over the world,Was formed during this period。

Joey Yung wrote: Love the motherland, love Hong Kong, never support Hong Kong independence

Joey Yung wrote: Love the motherland, love Hong Kong, never support Hong Kong independence
On the 5th of Sauna Night News, Joey Yung apologized for the lyrics and selfies she released, saying “I love the motherland, love Hong Kong, and never support Hong Kong independence.”The following is the full text: I never thought of a casually sent lyrics, a selfie, it will attract this storm, so I am very sorry for my carelessness!I also felt sorry for myself and worried my family, colleagues, friends and people who loved me. Today I feel that I must explain to you clearly.The post on the day just wanted to express the excitement of taking off to work, and she shared the current situation with you very purely. It was really an inadvertent loss. As a public figure, I did not expect that my comments and actions would cause such a serious impact. It is indeed my carelessness.I love the motherland, love Hong Kong, and never support Hong Kong independence. I also love peace without question, and hope everything will return to peace as soon as possible.I hope to prove myself with practical actions and continue to share positive energy music and perception.I am also deeply sorry once again for the parties affected by the incident.Editor Liu Jiani Source: Joey Yung Weibo

2016 Snooker Daqing National Championships Today’s latest match live video Ding Junhui VS Wharton_1

2016 Snooker Daqing National Championships Today’s latest game live video Ding Junhui VS Wharton
On October 26, the 2016/2017 snooker national championship (attachment: 2016 Snooker national championship complete schedule schedule + contestant match list/signing form) entered the competition of the top 16 and gradually recoveredThe state of Ding Junhui will play against Wharton, who has never beaten the missile ranking game.2016 Snooker Daqing National Championship-Ding Junhui VS Wharton Ding Junhui experienced a downturn in the qualifiers, the last two rounds of 6-1, 6-2 consecutive big scores swept Grace and Stevens, Ding Junhui in the top 16Is to usher in a strong opponent, three-time ranking champion Wharton.Although there will not be many mobile phones connected with Ding Junhui, but both sides have met in three large ranking matches, Wharton has taken away the final victory, so it is still very good long battle in China, the three career championships are 2008Shanghai Masters, 2012 Wuxi Classic and 2014 National Championships.From all perspectives, Wharton will be the strongest opponent Ding Junhui has encountered so far in this competition, and he must continue to improve his status if he wants to advance.(Source: Tencent Sports) The 2016 Snooker National Championship Ding Junhui VS Wharton antique time at 19:30 pm Beijing time on the 26th.  Follow Ding Junhui》》》Ding Junhui 2016 Snooker National Championship Live Video 2016 Snooker National Championship Live Video

U23亚锦赛下月抽签 中国国青与缅甸老挝同为二档

U23亚锦赛下月抽签 中国国青与缅甸老挝同为二档
­  中国U23队 ­  记者马德兴报道­  据亚足联消息,2018年第三届亚洲U23锦标赛第一阶段预选赛分组抽签仪式定于今年3月17日当地时间下午15时在亚足联总部吉隆坡进行。中国作为东道主,将参加预选赛阶段的小组比赛,为明年决赛阶段比赛进行练兵。­  在去年11月底的亚足联竞赛委员会会议上,亚足联已经决定将第三届赛事安排在中国进行,因为按照亚足联相关规定,这一赛事由于涉及到奥运会预选赛,因而亚足联要求是西亚大区和东亚大区各办两届,然后进行“轮转”。也就是说,像2014年的第一届和2016年的第二届分别在阿曼和卡塔尔两个西亚国家主办;2018年的第三届和2020年的第四届就必须轮到东亚的国家或地区来承办。这其中,由于2018年的第三届赛事与奥运会预选赛并无关系,因而东亚各协会都不愿意申办,只有中国一个国家申请,因而亚足联最终将这届赛事的主办权授予了中国。而这一结果也就意味着2020年第四届亚洲U23锦标赛将不可能再在中国主办,中国足协拟定的《2020行动计划》中有关“奥运会预选赛要出线”的目标,实现起来将少了一大优势。­  尽管作为东道主,中国U23队可以不参加第一阶段预选赛而直接获得决赛阶段比赛资格,但考虑到这支95年龄段队伍自从2014年10月份的缅甸U19亚青赛之后就从未参加过正式的比赛,出于让队员们能够更好地得到锻炼、在决赛阶段比赛之前能够打几场有压力的比赛,中国足协主动提出希望参加预选赛。因此,今年7月中旬的亚洲U24锦标赛预选赛中,将有东道主中国队的身影。­  据来自亚足联的消息称,今年总共有42个亚足联下属的会员协会报名参加2018年亚洲U23锦标赛。按规定,预选赛将分为两个大区进行,其中东亚区和西亚区各分为五个小组,每个小组的第一名共10队,再加上6个小组成绩最好的第二名,总共16队参加决赛阶段比赛。如果这16队中不包括中国队,则除了10个小组第一名之外,5个成绩最好的第二名出线,参加决赛阶段比赛。­  在预选赛分组抽签时,亚足联根据2016年第二届多哈亚洲U23锦标赛的成绩来先确定各队的分档。93年龄段中国U23队在去年1月份的赛事中,小组赛三战三败,不仅小组垫底,在整个16支参赛队中也是名列倒数第三。这就使得中国队在这次预选赛中将被作为东亚大区的“二档球队”参加分组抽签。东亚大区的分档情况如下:­  第一档(种子队):日本队、韩国队、澳大利亚队、朝鲜队、泰国队­  第二档:中国队、越南队、印尼队、缅甸队、老挝队­  第三档:马来西亚队、柬埔寨队、东帝汶队、中华台北队、新加坡队­  第四档:蒙古队、中国香港队、菲律宾队、文莱队、中国澳门队­  第五档:关岛队­  届时,亚足联将从每个档次中抽出一队,组成一个小组,其中有一个小组将有5支球队,其他小组都有4支队伍。本届预选赛定于7月15日至23日进行,预选赛十个小组将在同日展开角逐。今年稍后时间,第三届亚洲U23锦标赛决赛阶段比赛将进行分组抽签仪式,将在中国江苏进行,届时,中国队将以东道主身份作为第一小组的种子队参加分组抽签。目前,中国U23队在主教练陈洋的率领下,正在韩国济州岛进行拉练集训。