What is your chance of losing weight?

Time and again, you have done your best.

Your hard work and piety move everyone.

In fact, the reason why you can’t lose weight is your “heart”.

Excessive weight loss, pessimistic weight-loss mentality, and effective IQ for weight loss, etc., cause your psychological difficulty to ease, your mind is getting heavier and your body is getting heavier.

In fact, relaxation can decompress the body.

  What is your chance of losing weight? Although the desire to lose weight is very strong, do you really understand weight loss?

Before you decide to lose weight the next time, take a weight-loss psychological test to see how much you are likely to succeed.

  1. What causes you to want to lose weight?

  A, read newspapers, magazines, B, friend introductions, recommendations, C, parents, siblings urging, D, female (male) friends and husbands’ requirements, E, make up your own mind.

  2. When did you start to gain weight?

  A is not very clear, B is about 10 years ago, C is about 5 years ago, D, about 2 years ago, E, about 1 year ago.

  3. Why do you get fat?

  It is obvious that B is unable to restrain the temptation to eat, c is due to illness or medication, D, affects eating habits due to mood (work, emotional stress), E, pregnancy.

  4. Do you think a weight loss method is the most effective?

  A, weight loss tea or western medicine to lose weight, B, acupuncture, acupuncture point stimulation, C, weight loss equipment, D, eat only vegetables, fruits, E, eat less and exercise more.

  5. How much time do you think it takes to lose weight successfully?

  A 10 days, B, 15 days, C, 25 days, D 45 days, E 60 days or more.

  6. How many kilograms per week or one month or how much waist circumference do you lose? A, 3 per week?
5 kg, B is reduced by 3 every week?
5 cm, C is reduced by 5 every month?
7 kg, D, 1 kg per week, E 3 kg per month.

  7, if weight loss is unsuccessful, what would you think of A, no impact, 8, loss of money and time, c, sad, sad, D, loss of confidence, loss of charm, E, loss of affection, work, money . veryserious.

  8. How many times have you lost fat?

  A, many times (more than 5 times), B 3 times, C, 2 times, D, 1 time, E has never lost weight.

  9. How do you feel about your fat body?

  A is used to it, B is not flexible and is often laughed at, c is not beautiful and unhealthy, D has inferiority, and E has strong aversion.

  10. Do you think that diet is related to obesity? A, drinking water will be fat, B, not much relationship, c, will lose weight without eating, D, close relationship, E, high-calorie food will be fat.

  11. These foods are high in content, A, 2 apples, B, 1 bowl of rice, c, 1 cup of ice cream, D, 1 sausage, E half of fried chicken legs 12. Do you believe that weight loss has effect, A does not believe (Most of them are invalid), B, doubtful (some valid, some invalid), C, try to know, D, should have effect, E, must have effect.

  13. Whether you can continue to receive treatment (counseling) when losing weight. A has a low degree of control and B will cooperate if he has sufficient time. C, depending on the effect, D will cooperate with each other for a certain period of time and E will adapt to the end.

  14, the weight loss industry claims that one guarantee is reduced by 1?
2 kg or 3-5 cm waist, what do you think?

  A works well, I’m willing to try it, B sees how to guarantee it, you can try it, c is not expensive, just try it, D hoe, exaggerate, won’t try, E, lose weight, lose a few centimeters and kilograms at a time is meaningless.

  Analysis of test results: 1. Choose A for each item and suspend the action.

Not suitable for weight loss at this stage.

  2. If you choose B for each item, you must redouble your efforts.

Need to strengthen education and fully understand weight loss, otherwise the failure rate is extremely high.

  3, choose C for each item, I wish you success first, but you still need to learn more about the right way to lose weight before you have a chance to succeed.

  4. For each option, I wish you success, but you still need to learn more about the right way to lose weight in order to succeed.
  5, choose E for each item, congratulations!

The chances of losing weight are extremely high.