The people’s network Xiamen On July 16th, "Xiamen City’s consumption of agricultural products" to control drugs to promote "three-year action implementation plan" (hereinafter referred to as "plan") released, the program was published by Xiamen Agricultural Rural Bureau, City Ocean The development bureau, the Municipal Market Supervision Administration, Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Sports People’s Court, Municipal Health and Health Committee, etc. Residual exceeding the standard. This action focuses on the beans, leeks, celery, poultry eggs, black chicken, beef cattle, meat sheep, big mouth, black, squid, rhubarm, etc., "a variety of row, a list of remediation, a set of attacks The "four one" accurate governance model "of the program, a batch of management measures, fully promoted centralized governance," Let the people eat healthy, eat with confidence. "

Among them, criminal responsibility will be investigated for the presence of illegal violations.

Pesticide veterinary drug feed is implemented in accordance with the "Program", Xiamen City will strictly pesticide veterinary feed production and management, agricultural rural departments will carry out special governance action for agricultural resources and fake, accurately carry out the quality supervision of pesticide veterinary feed quality supervision, strict investigation of implicit addition Ingredients or other ingredients illegally.

At the same time, give full play to the role of agricultural regulatory information platform, establish and improve the pesticide veterinary feed electronics purchase station account, implement traceability management within the city of Xiamen, implement the two-dimensional code labeling system of pesticide products, implement veterinary drug products, to ensure veterinary drug products All of them are listed.

In the three-year action, the city will also carry out special rectification actions for the cleanup of farm and animal drug management, through organizational search engines, third-party trading platforms, etc. Conduct severe blow. During the operation of the quality monitoring of farm and vast drug products, Xiamen City will focus on guiding farmers using green technology models, abandoning traditional planting habits of big fat, promotes ecological farming model, and continuing to implement a beast antibacterial drug use reduction action. Promoting the creation of aquaculture, aquaculture demonstration area, and vigorously promotes the modern cultured approach to "producing controllable, ecological and safe, environmentally friendly". At the same time, the agricultural rural departments will also increase quality monitoring density, improve 7 key varieties, risks, and supervision of 7 key varieties of planting, animal husbandry. Among them, the city, the city, and the high-level products are listed in the peak period, carry out seasonal, targeted risk monitoring and supervision, to ensure at least one of the production mains of all key varieties every year; the town (street) is subject to all listed key products After the fast inspection, the results were qualified to be listed.

The information empowerment implementation is worth mentioning that the three-year action will actively explore the "Sunshine Nong’an" model, use informationization tools, and promote the application of convenient, electronic, and strengthen the production process control service.

By promoting the consumption of produce, the co-standard certificate certificate and the one-piece code traceable parallel system, all of the production subjects of the 11 key varieties are included in the supervision of parallel system, and the line inspection is increased, and urge timely uploading information, before listed. To the code, the document is sold.

In addition, the market supervision and other departments will also strengthen the daily inspections of the certificate / traceability. If the 开, false, listed in the quality and safety of agricultural products, implement credit, accurate management. (Zhang Meng Wu Xiaojing) (Editor: Wu Zhou, Zhong Xia Liuhua) Share let more people see client downloads.