Eleventh Floor Controller,Is a pure fast swordsman,Jianguang missed a hit,Stick and go,Swordsmanship is fast and pure。
And Li Ming’s sword,It’s a sword of killing,The boundless murderous intent caused a bloodshot on the edge of the golden giant sword。
But even at a speed that is not very good,Li Ming’s sword is also comparable to the golden giant sword of the eleventh floor controller。
Every collision,The controller’s golden giantsword trembled。
After dozens of collisions,The golden giant sword was shattered frontally by Li Ming’s blood-colored golden sword。Although the final explosion of the golden giant sword also hindered the blood golden sword for a moment,But Li Ming’s spear penetrated at the same time,One shot cut through the head of the eleventh floor of the master。
Through the 11th floor。
Li Ming sighed slightly after breaking through the eleventh floor,He understands that he has little confidence in breaking through the twelfth floor。After all, I spent a lot of effort on the 11th floor,If you go to the twelfth floor,The Golden Sword Slashing Void has already mastered the battle,Basically defeated。
of course,Li Ming is not without tricks,If Li Ming goes to deal with‘Illusionist’,Estimated by the strength of his will,Don’t talk about breaking through twelve floors,There is some hope even on the 13th floor。But he doesn’t like such a speculation。
Moreover,He only stayed in Chaos City for four years,There are still twenty-six years,How far he can progress?
But before that,Just break through the Tianshan Mountains!
Just when Li Ming entered the secret realm of Tongtian Mountain,The news that he had crossed the eleventh floor of the Tongtian Bridge was sent to the Lord of Dragon Walk by Bafen the Holder。
“It’s only four years,He actually went up two more floors,This speed。。。Tut,Actually didn’t come to see me。。。So I went to pass through the Tianshan Mountains!”The Lord of Longxing showed a slight smile,Obviously very satisfied with his disciple。
And in another special plane in the virtual universe。
Virtual universe,Specially open up a plane space。
A vast land in space,There are three towering mountains on the vast land,One is taller than one!