Under the personal guidance of his financial father,Wang Shaoxiao even made a set of franchise specifications for the Jiehuang brand,The operating conditions of the game hall,The decoration style features are all written in style。
a,CThe first batch of Jiehuang Game City officially opened,Nearly one million franchise fees are accounted for,It made Wang Shaoxiao and his brothers really happy。
To know,This is Baihuahua’s pure profit,No need for everyone to work hard,I just moved my lips。
andCThe four big guys in the city,Seems to have confidence in opening franchise stores,As long as the first five stores are operating normally,The profit meets their requirements,I believe they will continue to open stores soon,Even more bosses to do franchise business。
After all, this kind of money-giving business
,And be able to make friends,Why not?
You Fat Dun and Wang Shaoxiao do things for themselves,One try to join,One inCThe city looks everywhere,Prepare for buying land and building。
Ninety-nine yearsCcity,Real estate hasn’t become popular yet,Buy a good lot according to Lu Menglin’s wishes,There should be three to five million。
but,When they really took a fancy to a piece of land,When I go to talk specifically,But encountered obstacles。
It’s really not enough money!To buy a piece of land that can be used as an electronic city,Even in 1999 when real estate didn’t break out,Nor is it something that can be solved by three or five million。
And it has to open up various joints,The situation is complicated,Not easy to operate in a short time。
By contrast,Lu Menglin, who returned to Liufang No.1 Middle School, looked much lower-key。He attends class every day,Although I don’t try my best like my classmates,But didn’t relax and study。
It’s just that Lu Menglin spends two hours playing basketball every day,Thunderous。
Because he knows the importance of keeping in shape,Maintain a stable physical and mental state,Is definitely helpful to improve academic performance。
Time flies,Another two months passed in a blink of an eye,unconsciously,The day for the college entrance examination is getting closer and closer。