“Baba,he…Their wings?”After a while,Wait for them to leave,Little Sasha asked。
“Them,Are all earthlings,Those angel sisters who are not yours,Without wings。”Wu Xing explained to his daughter with a smile。
“Yeah。”Little Sasa seems to understand。
Ba Ba’s mother’s wings are folded,Little cutie knows,Aunt Hexi also took her back yesterday,Even the one with her。
“OK,Let’s go find your Aunt Hexi。”Looking at the baby girl thinking about something,Wu Xing said with a smile。
Little salsa,No longer think about it,Cheered“Find Aunt Hexi,Find Aunt Hexi。”
“Clever ghost,Wake up,I heard you calling auntie a long time ago,What’s so happy。”Just when Xiao Sasa clapped her hands and cheered,Hexi walked out of her makeshift room,Meet the happy little cute,Could not help but smile。
Saw Aunt Hexi come out,Xiao Sasa is even more happy,Hurriedly shouted milky milk“Aunt,Baba,band…we eat…delicious。”
“Your father takes you to eat delicious food, you are so happy,Auntie said to take you to eat delicious,Not willing。”Hexi looked at the happy little naughty in front of him,Couldn’t help but joked。
“Yeah。”Little Sasha heard this,She immediately hid in Baba’s arms shyly,Unwilling to emerge,Obviously she still remembers the last time,I don’t know how to answer Aunt Hexi’s words。
“Auntie Lose is so kind to you,Your little guy only thinks about your father。”See the cute behavior of the little guy,Hexi pretends to be angry。
“Yeah”Little guy,After taking a look at Aunt Hexi,,Realizing that Aunt Hexi is not really angry,But looking at yourself with a smile,Shyly buried his head in again。
Wu Xing and Hexi, who watched such a series of actions, are so happy。。。