There is nothing special in this black blood cavalry camp,The same as the barracks under the sky,Concise and powerful,Is their standard。
Three black horse blood guards took Lu Menglin to a barracks。
One of them took out an iron medal,Handed him。
“This is the Tieweiying brand,Lend you proof of identity use。You took this brand,Can stay in the camp,But don’t walk around。Sleep when it’s dark,I will send someone to give you food。”The black blood riding guard said with a cold face。
“Ok!This brother,What do i want to do?”Lu Menglin is not afraid of the other’s face,Said with a smile。
The black blood guard snorted,Pointing to the open space in front of the camp,Tao:“You can practice here!I asked someone to bring some equipment to you。”
Lu Menglin nodded,Tao:“it is good!I am a man,Like heavier guys,Thanks a lot!”
The three black blood guards looked at each other,There seems to be some joking in the eyes,Nodded at the same time。
Three left,Lu Menglin advanced into the barracks and made a round,I found nothing interesting inside,A broken board,A dining table,Then there is a futon for meditation,Nothing empty。
then,Lu Menglin opened the door,Standing generously in the open space in front of the door,Start practicing。
His set of punches,It’s called a tiger,Between gestures,Introverted,Light pattern power is hidden,Purely with one’s own strength。
quickly,Lu Menglin’s set of punches attracted the black blood riding guards who passed by.,Pointing。
“What kind of boxing is this?It seems very powerful!”Someone whispered。
“Who is this person?He is not our black blood guard。Practice boxing in our camp,Isn’t this courageous?!”
“Something!Combination of virtual and real,Introverted,Only when you hit the enemy will it explode,Good boxing!”An obvious cavalry captain nodded repeatedly,Evaluation Road。
The three black blood guards who just left,Probably never expected,This guy from the border town,So bold,Practice boxing directly in the camp,Not afraid of being watched at all。
God nation itself is a fighting nation,Can be selected as the Black Blood Cavalry Guard,Are all elites in the army,Rich practical experience,So of course they can see some ways,I feel that this person’s boxing technique is really good,Although never seen,But it’s already indescribable。
“His set of boxing is very beautiful!Do you have a chance to fight Ye Yingzheng’s big drifting fist??”Some people can’t help but whisper。
“Just kidding!Ye Ying is the number one boxing in the Black Cavalry,How old is he?”Someone immediately retorted。